The Cat Eye - The final touch to Taylor’s lovely ladylike look is the cat eye drawn so often just above her lash line. Talyor is nothing if not consistent, and what could be more feminine than some liquid liner extending just passed the eye in a playful upwards swish? (in a tie for the top spot would be a ruby red lip, another of Taylor’s favorites). The secret to re-creating this comely cat eye is to use liquid eyeliner and even though instinct may tell you otherwise, to begin from the outside in, not the other way around.

The Cat Eye Celebrity Style Deconstructed   Taylor Swift Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty; Bauer-Griffin; Evan Agostini/AP; Kevin Mazur/Wire Image

Cat Eyeliners Celebrity Style Deconstructed   Taylor Swift 1. Clinique liquid eyeliner $15.00 from Lord & Taylor

2. Maybelline Stiletto liquid eyeliner $6.19 from Target

To have so much couture composure at such a young age is a joy to see. And we have a feeling, no matter how her style evolves, it will always be unique, charming, lovely and totally Taylor.