How Target Can Fix It’s Online Mess

Target Fall 2010
1. Admit You Made a Mistake. Admit that you over estimated the strength of your web design and your brand (love you, but you’ve gotten a bit cocky over the years) and underestimated how much shoppers want Missoni.
2. Make Sure the Site Works. Skip all the bells and whistles (zoom, etc) and just make sure when shoppers click the “buy” button, they can actually buy. Save all the extras for later.
3. Honor All of the Canceled Missoni Orders. Pay Missoni to manufacturer enough product to cover these orders. Yes, you’ll lose a bit of money, but you will generate some desperately needed goodwill.
4. Give a Small Coupon, Gift, or Donate to Charity. It could be something as simple as a free eco-shopping bag or a percentage of your online sales to a certain charity. The goal is to, again, generate goodwill.
5. Hire People Who Actually Shop on Your Site to Design it. I have a sneaking suspicion that those who worked on the site, probably don’t use it (and why should they? There’s a Target store basically in their corporate headquarters). Give everyone in your marketing and tech departments a $50 Target giftcard and the book ‘Don’t Make Me Think”.

What Do You Guys Think? Has Target’s Recent Troubles Diminished the Brand in Your Shopping Mind?