Mrs. O getting her Target on

So what happened? According to ReadWriteWeb, the redesigned involved several different consultants/firms (remember that old saying: “The quickest way to kill a great idea is put it to a committee”) and at one point “more than 20 different vendors were working on the project”.

One of the hardest things about being the best at what you do, and Target is the best brand in the discount department store category, is maintaining the high expectations of your customers. I expect to be clunky and hard to navigate (although if KMART was savvy, now would be the time to launch an awesome new site). However, I don’t expect a brand that prides itself on “design for less” to have such a horrible consumer facing experience.

Apparently I’m not alone, according to Adage “YouGov’s BrandIndex, Buzz scores for Target among 18-to-34-year-old women declined precipitously in the days after the new site’s launch.”

Target went from “Design for Less” to “Designless”. So how can the brand get back in our good graces?