How Target Went From “Design for Less” to “Designless”: History of Budget Fashion

It goes without saying that I love Target.

We’re both Minnesota bred. We both love great design for less. Red is one of my favorite colors. So, I’m utterly amazed that my friend would so mishandle it’s new web site design, right before the launch of a hotly anticipated designer collaboration with Missoni (aka in twitterland as #MessoniforTarget).

It’s web IT 101 to postpone redesign your website until after a major event. You especially don’t redesign your site right before the season in which you make a majority of your 1.33 billion dollarss in web revenue.

Even, I know that.

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  1. Kat says

    Target has an ok site, and I expect more. They could at least take a few things from Nordstrom- who earned my “I love this site” Award!

  2. says

    I spoke to a customer service rep on Sept 11th. about what was going to happen with Missoni, and what I said went even furthur. Women stuffing their carts full of the collection so that by 805 am the racks were bare. The website was a 4 hour wait, then just flopped. I had my plan & made my orders. 4 days later Target sent me a email saying they had cancelled my order. Nothing else. I didn’t get my Green Coat or sweater. I didn’t get the things I had waited all night for and then for the first time in the history of their mishaps they sent me a 10$ gift card. Wow, I know I couldn’t get an Missoni but a pair of socks maybe. They have the worst customer service. These people just say, were sorry.

  3. Amy says

    As someone who had a Missoni order canceled, I can honestly say I have no interest in ever spending my money there again. What a huge disappointment.

  4. Shannon says

    When I went to the nearest Target store the afternoon of the Missoni launch, since I live in a fairly metropolitan area, nearly everything was gone. So, naturally, I looked to the site to order the pieces that I wanted. It took FOREVER (probably 5-6 hours) to get ONE dress (it kept getting deleted from my cart), but I’m a patient person, and though I did notice the new site design, it didn’t bother me THAT much. I do think they dropped the ball on the Missoni launch, but I did feel as though people really overreacted…until I received my dress in the mail. I had the opportunity to see/touch a pair of shorts, some lingerie and children’s clothes in the store on launch day, and the quality was great. My dress was basically ruined. It had a quarter sized hole in one of the arms, another hole near the hem and a tag with a size label sewn on the OUTSIDE of the garment. WHAT. THE. WHAT? I mean, honestly, how does that even happen? I was very upset as I’d been anticipating this piece for quite some time, and I knew the chances of me getting a replacement were probably zero. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really do anything about it as I’m in the middle of a law suit, was injured and was scheduled for surgery soon thereafter. Some things take precedence over others.

    To sum it all up, I do agree that they shouldn’t have changed the site design when they did, and with their resources and experience, they absolutely should have known better. However, I, and everyone else, should certainly have expected high site and store traffic, so I forgive them for being slammed, and I’m sure they’ll learn from their mistake. The quality of the garment I received is something that makes me more upset, especially since this was a pseudo-designer line, though it has not stopped me from shopping at Target frequently because the quality of the rest of their products has never failed and my local stores have always been very well kept and organized.

  5. stephanie says

    I shopped the new website last week and the experience was indeed awful!!! I’m thinking how in the world do they fix that mess> Good Luck with that.

  6. FashionDiva says

    Yup, I’ve lost that LOVIN feeling for Target. I thought Target could do NO wrong. Well that is until they decided to “revamped” their website and the Missoni MESS, they have since proved me wrong. I can’t believe how poorly they handled the Missoni fiasco. Shame on Target – SHAME!! I agree with Kathryn….Target needs to stop smelling themselves and start getting over themselves…..before they lose more devoted, loyal shoppers like me!

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