Target and Anna Sui Collab Inspired by “Gossip Girl”

What: Anna Sui is the second designer to pair up with Target for the store’s “Designer Collaborations” (Alexander McQueen was the first). September 13, 250 Target stores will debut Anna’s collection, inspired by the CW’s “Gossip Girl,” for a limited time. Gotta check it out before October 17 or you’re out of luck.

What Anna Says: “When I was in Asia last year, all the young girls kept asking me about the different locations in New York City where the characters from ‘Gossip Girl’ live,” Sui told WWD. “I liked the idea of creating a collection reflective of each characters’ style, sensibility and unique approach to fashion. By combining the elements of art, city, spirit, punk and glamour, we created a collection that exudes New York City fashion.”

What We Say: Known for her hippie meets hipster fashions, it makes sense that Anna would use the combined mojo of “Gossip Girls” and Target for a new endeavor. We don’t normally find fashion lines that rely on pop culture references or celeb backing too appealing, but with an established designer behind this particular effort, we’re hopeful. And hey, we give props to socialite Blair Waldrof for her impeccable sense of style. Even though she’s fictional.

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