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Talk Market is a super fun online catalog that showcases a weird variety of products, like $15 garden tools and $5.95 chocolate covered potato chips. The categories are very random and include inventions, boutique fashion, unique jewelry, original music, and baby gifts. Then there are a few subcategories you can dig into, including “for the home” and “problem solvers.”

So, okay, what’s so different about this site? It’s got video! Talk Market is basically a simpler, smaller version of Amazon with a little injection of YouTube. Quite literally, really. That’s because the video you watch has been self-submitted by wholesalers, musicians, and miscellaneous individuals. Apparently, you can even submit a video yourself – whether or not your infomercial will get accepted is another thing.

We think Talk Market is instantly captivating and it’s a blast to browse, but we’re not sure it’s something we’d visit every day. After all, we’re budget-conscious and most of the products featured here are not all that necessary and seem a tad bit overpriced… like $79 rock-shaped music boxes. If you’ve got some cash to unload and you’re feeling open-minded, check out the newest products in the boutique fashion category every now and then.

But make no joke – this is no “deal a day” kinda site, or thorough marketplace for that matter. It’s just an Internet version of the home shopping network, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. One thing we do appreciate is that provides a good platform for up-and-comers, giving them a much-needed edge in their industry.

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