Talking About: Going Green

Salon is the online go-to for politics, pop culture and social phenomena, so learning a major green lesson was not the usual concurrence while browsing during the lunch hour. However, Almost Green by James Glave, diligently explores the all-important issue of proselytizing (or rather, not proselytizing) to your friends and neighbors about environmental issues, and is a must-read.

For those of us who bit our tongue over Thanksgiving as our family members tossed perfectly good glass or plastic in the trash bin, Glave’s tome will be familiar. As the author became increasingly infuriated by his neighbor’s floodlights illuminating his living room (and using more than their fare share of carbon) he fretted. Instead of confronting the environmentally unfriendly fellow, he turned to professionals who try to talk people into going green for a living.

But even more entertaining, and spot on, was the advice received when he turned to a PR man who explained that people are motivated by different things and to never ###### everyone has the same goals and react in the same way. As the author was particularly inspired to go green as a direct result of his pre-school aged children, the rep cautioned, “Don’t rely on concern about children’s future.” Sure enough, his neighbors were a childless couple.

Thinking like the people who sold us all fast food and gas-guzzling cars, Glave prepared a marketing ploy that he himself described as a “time-share presentation” for his neighborhood. Check it out and get some tips on the power of persuasion that will turn your nemesis in green living around – the easy way.

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