Don’t Sleep on Talbots

In a desperate attempt to find some “television ready” outfits for less than the cost of my college education, I headed to my local mall.  After hitting all the usual suspects and finding absolutely nothing—I headed to the Talbots. Now, I wouldn’t describe the store as “trendy” or “hip” or, at $150 bucks for a dress, “cheap”, BUT . . . it’s worth stop by the store, if only to try on the Diane Von Furstenberg-esque dress shown above. The dress, is so similar to a DVF dress I saw in Saks a few weeks back, that I wondered if the designer was joining the mass market parade of her colleagues and designing a line for the store (she didn’t design the dress). The dress, at $138, isn’t dirt cheap, but it’s still more than 50% less than an DVF original and you can get it up to a size 20.

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  1. June says

    I stumbled into a Talbot’s Outlet store last October that was having a tremendous sale on summer merchandise.  With the additional 50 and 75% markdowns, the stuff I bought averaged 85-90% full price.  Thus, I got a $198 suit-type jacket for $22; a $148 dress for $17, etc.  I spent $176; full price it came to over $1000.  These some of the greatest markdowns of my life!
    I packed the bag away, and come this spring and summer I was all set.

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