Talbots gives us great reasons to love this coming fall, as this year’s look book are chock full of fab pieces. Wine and windsor green are key colors in the equestrian-inspired collection, elegantly grounding the visual pops of colors like the bright riding reds. Tweed lords it over the usual leather shoes and accessories. Also, our favorite warm quilts repurposed into colorful bags are a fun way to not look drab this season. All in all, we can definitely see a lot of these in our closet (fine, once they go on sale).

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Talbots Fall 2012 Look Book

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Talbots Fall 2012 Look #17

Deco Bracelet 23065070 in ivory/black $49.50
Colorblocked Hinge Bangle 23065073 in taupe for $49.50
Croc-embossed Bangle 23065037 in black for $39.50