Fashion Advice: Pants Tailoring Tips for Men

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Q: When I bring my dress pants to the tailor to alter the length, I’m used to asking for a cuff and a full break. Is this still the way to go or am I behind the times?

A: You can never go wrong with a full break. As a rule of thumb, the pant leg should “break” at the front of the shoe and approach the top of the heel at the back. Cuffs add additional weight to help pants drape well. Make sure your tailor adds an additional 1/4 inch to the length. Pants, even they are dry cleaned, tend to shrink a bit.

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  1. De Caye says

    I am making a men’s xl size suit jacket.
    I was advised to add a special trick just behind the sleeves that allow the jacket to expand without tearing or being too tight when the man moves.  She said it was like a pocket.

    I know nothing about this!!
    Can anyone help or point me to where I can find out how to do this?

    Need this asap!

  2. florentin says

    just make the back jacket in the shoulders area 1cm plus and when you put pad shoulders cut 1 cm more from pad shoulders (back )but sew the pad shoulders strait and this gonna help for make a fold in the back of jacket , behind the sleeves

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