T-Shirt Pillow: DIY

Everyone has a t-shirt or two that has shrunk in the wash or that they just don’t wear anymore — give them a new purpose (other than collecting dust or taking up space in a landfill) by making them into decorative pillows. They’re easy to make and will make a statement in your décor. You can even use an eco-friendly pillow , or a outdated throw pillow that’s still in good condition. Here’s how:

You’ll need:


Pillow form or an old throw pillow

t-shirt pillow

To make:

Turn the t-shirt inside out, measure it against the pillow form; mark around the shirt with a pen. Leave an extra ¼ inch seam around the marks to ensure that the shirt is big enough to accommodate the pillow.

With the shirt still inside out, stitch three of the seams together with a sewing machine or by hand with needle and thread. Turn right-side out and insert the pillow form into the open end. Hand stitch the last seam closed.

Now toss that pillow on the sofa and impress your friends with your ingenuity.

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