Swimsuit Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Shot

Stop! Before you begin earmarking your fashion rags, realize that the cover
model’s hot look of the season might not be right for you. When you buy yourself  swimwear, it is for your body. You will not morph into Heidi Klum just because   you are wearing the same itsy bitsy bikini. (Keep in mind, Heidi is pictured  in that suit after she’s tried on dozens of other pieces and the photo editor  tossed at least half a dozen unflattering poses.) But, with so many amazing  fabrics and cuts and tricks out there, you’ll have no reason not to look your  sexiest if you carefully adhere to the following tips.

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Swimsuit Trends: The Hot and the Shot

Body Issue: If you’re boy-shaped (curveless)…
Trick: Create curves with padded and/or textured (e.g., ruffles, beading, embroidery, ruching) tops. Slip into a cutout or high-cut bottoms. If you’re modest, pull on belted boy shorts.
Treat: Newport News’ sporty halter tankini with an adjustable neck strap and contrasting diagonal white piping creates the illusion of curves in cotton/poly-blended jersey knit with figure-flattering spandex. Matching scoop bottoms offer just enough coverage but also just enough leg for a long, lean and feminine look ($19; Newport-news.com).

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