How to Buy a Swimsuit

For most women buying a swimsuit is right up there with going to the dentist- something you have to do, but not necessarily something you WANT to do. So I put together some tips to take the pain out of buying swimsuits.

How to Buy a Swimsuit

The Rules
You’ll have no reason not to look your beach best if you carefully adhere to the following tips.

The Dos

1. When shopping for a suit, think about what first catches your eye. For example, do you notice the bottoms or the top? Now, think of how you’d feel if someone looked first at that part of your body.

2. Check the tag. The higher the spandex content, the better. The suit will hold its shape and flatter yours.

3. Sunscreen—the most important swimsuit accessory!

4. Use bump-stopper creams and schedule a professional bikini wax.

5. Alternate suits. The fabric needs about a day to dry and return to its original shape.

6. Follow wash instructions: Gently hand wash your suit in lukewarm water and mild soap and hang it indoors to dry.

7. If you are a regular pool swimmer, buy a suit-cleaning solution (available at most suit retailer shops and e-commerce sites).

The Don’ts

1. Throwing your suit in the machine washer or dryer will break down the Lycra, bleed and fade colors, misshape padding and damage elasticity.

2. Hanging your suit on the clothesline in the sun is yet another way to stretch it out of shape and speed fading.

3. Sitting or sprawling directly on gritty poolsides causes wear and tear; it can also produce unsightly pilling on your suit bottoms.

4. Racer-backs hug and accentuate back fat; try a full tank suit or tankini.

5. Pairing shorts with a one-piece suit makes even the slimmest gals look like they’ve got a belly.

6. Hot tubbing in your beach best is just as bad as dropping that suit in the washing machine. Wear older suits in the whirlpool.

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  1. says

    Great post – and just in time for the season! :) I didn’t realize how damaging the wash is to swimsuits. I have one that I love to pieces, but after several seasons of wash-wash-wash, my suit looks old-old-old!

    By the way, now that I found this blog, I’m totally adding you to my blog. I went back and read your posts about plus-size fashions, and it makes me feel good that someone else is noticing the problems (and the progresses – it’s going to take the big guys a while to truly realize what needs to be done)

    Take care. Just wanted to comment about how much I like the site.

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