Sweep Dreams Broom: Recycle This


We oftentimes try to perk up the drudgery that is housework here at TBE. Why? Because we’re too budget conscious to pay for a house cleaner and don’t like being miserable on a daily – okay weekly . . . okay bi-weekly – basis. Lucky for us there are plenty of products out there to brighten your housecleaning day. Okay, hour.

Check out the Sweep Dreams Broom Sweep Dreams Broom from 3R Living, for example. The same people who brought you the All Purpose Sweeper All Purpose Sweeper (they’ve clearly got a thing for spotless floors) have a collection of Sweep Dreams available in the dazzling red shown here, emerald, blue, brown and soothing natural. And while you’re getting rid of the extra dust and grime take pride in the fact that this broom is made of 100% renewable sorghum and bamboo and of course, colored beautifully with non-toxic dye.

If that’s not enough to inspire you to sweep, it’s that time of year where a fancy-looking broom gets put to use in another manner – the crucial piece to your witch costume for Halloween! All right, that’s a stretch — but still you’ll have the prettiest broom on the block and that counts for something. Yes it does.

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