Reader’s Week Spring 2007: Roxy Dishes a GREAT Tip on Keeping Your Feet Dry During the Warmer Months


TBF’s Note: This is one of the most interesting tips I’ve seen and IT WORKS.

Roxy’s Tip: I love wearing pumps and ballet flats without socks or pantyhose, but my feet can get pretty sweaty. Take your deodorant and rub it on your soles. You’ll be dry for hours.

Roxy’s Favorite Charity: Big Sister Of Greater Boston

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  1. Jamie says

    Another great tool for feet or chaffing on your inner thighs when wearing skirts is an anti-chaffing stick (look like a deodorant bottle) found in sporting goods stores for runners.

  2. Andrea says

    This doesn’t work for me – the deodorant thing. It just makes my feet slippery and then leaves little white balls of deodorant in my shoes.

  3. ytm says

    I don’t want to be negative, but I don’t think its healthy to put antiperspirants on other places besides armpits.  On my container of Dove antiperspirant it says APPLY TO UNDERARMS ONLY.  In most antiperspirants, the active ingredient is aluminum.  Aluminum has been linked to alzheimer’s.  This is also why aluminum cookware is generally avoided and considered low quality because when you use it, aluminum seeps into the food.  I had an aunt who would rub tussy (old school, I know) on her body in the summer to stop her from sweating so much-she died from alzheimer.  Of course that could be a weird coincidence.  Anyway I happily use antiperspirant on my armpits in the summer because the alternative is not an option!  However I think the aluminum content is why the labels say apply to underarms.  Though there are some antiperspirants on the market I think that don’t have aluminum.  I don’t want to come off as a obsessive health nut either.  Love your book and blog btw

  4. cathy says

    I’m willing to try this – my feet get really sweaty when I wear flats and no socks. I wonder if a dusting powder would work at all as a more organic alternative…like cornstarch or something? I may have to do some experimenting.

  5. liz says

    I too used to get sweaty feet from not wearing any socks with my shoes until I tried “summer soles”.  they totally do the trick of absorbing any sweat and keeping my feet dry.  I like the ones made of wool which aren’t scratchy at all.  they actually feel soft.  btw, I used to put baby powder in my shoes, but it didn’t seem to have any lasting power unless I kept reapplying more powder.

  6. amy says

    An added bonus to putting the deodorant/anti-perspirant on your feet is that it can help prevent blisters.  Moisture and friction are usually what cause blisters in first place.

  7. martha says

    I tried a spray from Sally Hansen – All About Feet (I think it is called). No aluminim, but works like an anti-perspirant. Kind of a strong smell (heavy duty powder/rose smell) when you spray it on, but not bad once it is on your feet. Seems to work but haven’t used it in the summer yet.

  8. Anya says

    I use that stuff too, it works really well. Its called Sally Hansen Just Feet All Day Foot Spray.

    It works really well, I definitely suggest it.

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