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The Lowdown: We all have that go-to basic black cardigan (you know the one) that we grab every other day while running out the door — because it goes with everything — and then spend the day feeling decidedly less-than-fabulous. While there’s a place for basics in every fashionista’s wardrobe, we’d also argue that a go-to cardigan doesn’t have to be blah. We’re gonna call it the Sweater 2.0 — the next generation of sweaters that are both practical and full of personality. This season it’s all about lace, sequins, ruffles, you name it — just not in one garment please (though we’re sure there’s a cardigan out there with sequined lace ruffles — just step away).


The best part? If you grab a few cute embellished cardis to cycle through the month, you can make the rest of your ensemble out of easy basics (neutral pants, camis, skirts) and be ready to leave the house (looking adorable) in a flash.

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Our Picks:

Stylish Sweaters

1. Keepign Pom-Pom-ises Cardigan, $64.99
2. Magazine Swap Sweater, $64.99
3. Lassoed In Cardigan, $49.99

Stylish Sweaters

4. Guest House Sweater, $99.99
5. Sweet Prophecies Cardigan, $49.99

Stylish Sweaters

6. Going Steady Cardigan in Black, $52.99
7. Be the First to Tier Cardigan, $52.99

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