Sweaters: Recycle This

This holiday season inspires us to become rampant consumerists, even though we try to be minimalists in every way. Argh! Dang that adorable Santa! This year it’s easy enough to be on the lookout for green and affordable gifts just by cruising Etsy on a regular basis.

But here’s a tip for green and for free – The Babble Holiday Gift Guide has tons of giveaways for all your holiday needs. We have our eye on these recycled sweater pants and skirts for the little ladies on our list. Etsy seller Handmade Pretties takes old sweaters and makes something new, fabulous and freaking adorable. Every pant or skirt is unique – as these handmade items always are – and you’ll look like a superstar gift giver when you pick up one of these cuties.

You say you want to buy green, but sometimes the coolest green things can be a little bit out of your reach? Enter to win a pair of pants at Babble and you’ll be spending nothin’, nada, zero.

If you still need to add some cuteness to your list and you want to try and win it for free – look over in the stocking stuffer section for an environmentally friendly Sock Monkey Soapsicle. Which you just have to see to appreciate.

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