Sweater Storage: Fashion Advice

Dear Budget Fashionista,

I had a question about storing sweaters – what’s the best solution?  I don’t have enough drawer space as my sweaters are pretty bulky and quickly take up space.  I tried stacking them on the wire shelves in my closet but they unfold pretty easily and start looking sloppy.  And hanging them on wire hangers leave pointy shoulders that don’t iron out when I wear the sweater

Answer: The best way to store sweaters during the cold weather season is to get friction hangers and using the folding instructions found here, fold the sweater over the hanger, rather than hanging it the traditional way.  For storage during warmer weather, I like to use vacuum sealed storage bags, bags that you place your sweaters, comforters and other bulky items in and “seal” with your vacuum cleaner, which can be found online at your local Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, etc. These bags reduce the amount of space taken by bulky items by as much as 75%.

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