Supermodel Gisele Bundchen Parts with Victoria’s Secret and Heads to H&M

Credit: Jamie McCarthy/

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen, you know the Gorgeous Brazilian supermodel, recently parted ways with Victoria Secrets cause they wouldn’t top her $5 million+ salary a year. Apparently she’s jumping on the celebrity fashion line bandwagon and is talking with the folks at H&M about designing a line of lingerie for the store.

This is an celebrity-turned-designer line that actually makes sense. After almost a decade modeling undergarments, if there’s one thing Gisele knows, it’s underwear, whether she can design it is a whole other issue.

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  1. Samantha says

    Sure it makes sense, and I’m all for it .. but leaving some place because they wouldn’t top $5 million a year.. wish I had HER problems!

  2. Jessica says

    Lovely…I suppose she is going to make a claim that she is making lingerie for “real” women…so every woman can feel like a supermodel? As if, she didn’t make enough of us feel bad from her Secret days….

  3. manasvi says

    in my eyes, shes truly not all that pretty. Sure she may be blond, but you just need hair dye for that. She may be thin, but all you need is starvation for that… Big wahoo. Good for her, a true bargainista.

  4. Monica says

    I would love to see her line,I think it makes sense, except I probably wouldn’t buy anything.Not because of the whole “celebrity turn designers” thing, but because she would probably design over the top items with expensive tags. How else is she supposed to survive without her $5 mil?

  5. Rachel says

    I love her! That may be beause she dated my bf though. (leonardo dicaprio) I’m sure her line will look good and I’d check it out. Although I’m sure I’ll still buy the majority of my underwears from Victoria’s Secret.

  6. Mojo says

    I’d have to see it before I’d decide whether to buy anything or not. Who knows just because she’s modeled a lot of lingerie doesn’t guarantee that she would be good at designing it.. we’ll see 😉

  7. declanium says

    let me tell you, Gisele is WAY better than the dangerously young girl they have doing the Victoria Secret’s commercials now………..what is she????  13???

  8. Stef says

    Can we get an article going about this whole celebs-turned designers movement? Movies, albums, clothing lines, perfumes, make-up, jewelry, shoes, record labels, novels.. what’s next? An honorary doctorate for multiple “lifetime achievements”?  What happened to the exquisite art of excelling at one trade?

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