Super-long Center Parted Hair: Beauty Trend

What: Middle parts are splitting more hairstyles down the middle.

The Word: This from the 2008 issue of Elle magazine: Guido Palau, who styled the models from Chloe ’s spring runway show: “faked inches by adding extensions too those who didn’t have enough length.” Then, he parted their hair straight down the middle and sent them on their way.

Our Word: Honestly, this isn’t the most interesting beauty trend we’ve uncovered from the recent runway shows. But if you have long hair and the right face shape, a center part can actually be very flattering. Center parts are kind of like an arrow pointing right to your face. Make sure your skin is clear and your makeup is flawless before parting any waves. To define your part, Palau recommends dabbing some hair wax along the scalp. Go easy to avoid “greasy roots.”



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