Sunglass Hut: Ten Great Sunglasses

Sunglasses are we want call “affordable luxury”, meaning you can get the label you love, for a price that is (somewhat) reasonable. Now, we’re not saying you should give up the $5 “Prado” sunglases you bought on the street, but having one pair of great, designer sunglasses adds a little luxury to your wardrobe. Plus, sunglasses keep the sun out of your eyes (and prevent wrinkles!), hide the runs in your eye makeup and they look super pretty. One place we can always rely on for facial fashion is Sunglass Hut, where we can get Tory Burch, D&G and Prada for a price we can actually afford. Check out our favorite shades from the popular retailer for under $100.

Sunglass Hut SungLasses

Designer Sunglasses1. Vogue VO2568S, $55
2. Prada PR20LS 57, $100 at Sunglass Hut
3. D&G DD3046, $90 Sunglass Hut

Designer Sunglasses4. Tory Burch TY 6006, $100
5. Ralph A40402, $70 Sunglass Hut
6. Versace VE4154B, $100 Sunglass Hut

Designer Sunglasses
7. DKNY DY4059, 55 Sunglass Hut
8. Polo Ralph Lauren PH 3050, $100 Sunglass Hut

Designer Sunglasses9. Arnette AN4142 Blowout, $60 Sunglass Hut
10. Tory Burch TY7016, $100 Sunglass Hut

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