Yea or Nay: Sun Umbrellas

With everything we know about sun damage, does it really make sense to relegate the umbrella to the sole role of keeping us dry? Not if you’re a New Yorker, or a member of any other global community for that matter, as sun umbrellas brighten sidewalks now more than ever.

According to the New York Daily News, “…the classic Asian accessory has crossed the Pacific and swiftly been seized by style-conscious New Yorkers. In fact, sun umbrellas have collectively become the hottest style trend of the summer.”


The pros: valuable sun protection and another chance to pick up a fun and stylish accessory. The cons: as if the handbag, briefcase, cellphone and/or iced coffee weren’t enough to juggle, now we need just one more hand.

Yea or Nay: Sun Umbrella

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  1. Judy says

    Since I live in California where we have a large Asian population I am accustomed to seeing “parasols” used for sun protection.  In Hawaii, where I grew up, this was also commonplace.

    To me umbrellas/parasols may look romantic in photos and 19th Century French paintings but in our 21st C. world they are no substitute for a good sunscreen!

  2. says

    I carried an umbrella almost every day for 13 years when I lived in Germany (it didn’t rain every day, of course, but it rained enough so that you made sure you were prepared for it).

    No more constant umbrella.  I’ll keep it in my car, thanks.

  3. Erin says

    I love the idea, but where I’m from (Hawaii), sun umbrella’s are only used by little old ladies. I would use them if I had the courage, though.

  4. blkwdow says

    While I’m down with sun umbrellas *in theory*, people forget, just like they do with “rainy day” umbrellas, that they take up more space on the sidewalk. Be cute, be protected, but don’t be oblivious to those around you.

  5. says

    Go to any asian city and you’ll find women carrying parasols year-round. Untanned skin is prized in these countries—and perhaps this is why so many of them belie their age.

    I love carrying parasols. You can buy them cheap in so many colors. And if I don’t have one, I just grab a hat. Never, ever go into the sun without some protection!

  6. Nancy B. says

    I’m kind of torn, so I didn’t vote, but…

    Being of Irish descent (pale skin, light eyes and fair hair) and someone who burns very easily, I like the idea of a sun umbrella, or parasol, or whatever you want to call it.  Makes me feel all Scarlett O’Hara.

    On the other hand, I just can’t get past the whole dorky feeling I get walking around with an umbrella on a sunny day.  And as others have mentioned, in our already overloaded gadget-carrying world, it’s one more thing to haul around.

  7. Lady Bird says

    They’re appropriate at certain times/places. But remember you still need sunscreen (especially in the city, where reflected light from the sidewalk will still age you, girlfriends!).

  8. kc says

    while on some days this summer i really DID think about carrying an umbrella, i was immediately deterred by that being one more item to carry in NYC, when i am trying to reduce all weight possible.  so i just slathered on the sunscreen!

  9. Jessica says

    Yes it may look a little funny, but with melanoma being such a scare – I’d rather look ridiculous vs. dieing from cancer!

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