Sun Protection for Hair: Beauty Trend 2008

What: Fighting the good fight against damaging UV rays also applies to hair.

Beauty Trend: Sun Protection for Hair

What the experts say: What’s the use of spending a good deal of cash on a great dye job if the sun is going to rob it of its vibrant hue? Jon Patrick, the “go-to guy”? for color correction for such celebs as Elizabeth Banks and Kristen Chenoweth, laments to us,

“People often forget that they have to protect their hair just like they protect their skin, especially in the summer when overexposure to sun, chlorine and heat is rampant.”

He recommends coating the top layer of hair with sun-protecting conditioners and not rinsing. Then roll hair into a French twist and allow the warmth of the sun to help conditioners penetrate the hair cuticle.

What we say: Slathering our face and chest with SPF-packed creams has become so automatic, we don’t even think twice about doing it. But, we’ll admit: We’ve slacked when it comes to protecting our tresses from UV distress. Thankfully, a crush of haircare and styling products contain UV inhibitors to keep our crimson, chestnut and pearl dye-jobs vibrant, and our strands healthy. We’ll be introducing sun care for hair into our daily beauty line up, and on our radar is new Joico K-Pak Sun Therapy Protective Sun Milk, which staves off current and future UV damage with only a few mists. At $12.99, it’s worth its weight in protection. When we hit the beach, we’ll be tossing KMS California Sol Perfection Survival Creme in our tote and applying it each time we take a dip—it’s that lightweight! Also lightweight—the $10.99 price tag. If you’d like an even better deal, Garnier Fructis Style Shine Spray with UV Filters, Color Shield not only protects our locks from summer’s accosting rays, but also shines up our tresses to rival the sun’s brilliance. Priced at $6.29, it’s a sun saver that keeps on saving…us money!

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  1. christianay says

    I’ve never thought about protecting my hair from the sun—it’s something I should start doing.

  2. Kate says

    My hair is very responsive to the sun, in terms of lightening color.  So while I like that, I will still heed your reminder and use hair protection when I know I’ll be outside for a long time.

    I use an Aveda spray called “Damage Control” that’s a de-tangler and heat/sun protectant in one.  Seems to work fine.

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