What to Buy Spring 2007: Summer Straw Bags

One of this season’s hottest accessories is the straw bag.
Here’s some basic rules to follow when looking for straw bag this summer:

1. Shop in your-mom’s-grandma’s-older friend’s closet. Most likely they have a fabulous straw bag lurking somewhere in the deep recesses of their closet. If you’re a mom-grandma-older friend, then shop in your own closet.

2. Head to the Thrift Store.  Thrift stores always have a great selection of straw bags, mostly from other people’s mom-grandma-older friends.

3. Never pay more than $25. Why blow your paycheck on a purse you’re only going to carry for 3 months?

4. Pair it with the nautical look. Straw bags work VERY well with the nautical look.  Pair it with a stripped shirt and a pair of wide leg pants in crisp white.

Don’t have a closet to raid? Don’t like thrift stores? Then check out these great summer straw bags..

Found a great straw bag on your shopping travels? Tell us about it in the forum.

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  1. says

    I love that red straw bag from Target. I’m a sucker for the nautical look even when it isn’t the latest trend. As a matter of fact, I’m wearing nautical themed pants today.

  2. Sally Mittelstadt says

    Visit a retirement or senior citizen’s home craft fair. I got a great straw-looking bag made from crocheted plastic bags – cost $8. The tan was so believable, I ordered a black shoulder purse. A harder material to work with, my senior craft-er apologized for asking $13 for it – to cover the extra work, leather strap with gold colored fittings and a classy black & gold button. Senior-craft-er’s granddaughter has been using hers for several years, stuffed to the gills, and it still looks new. A great durable alternative to the straw and stitching that wears out!

  3. Petite Plz says


    Sorry for OT, but I was wondering if you can point me to a website that has good reviews for skincare products? I’m having a hard time deciding what products to get for my mom. Thanks a lot :)


  4. Sami says

    The straw clutch at Walmart is adorable.  will purchsed that one. I purchased an oversized Marc Jacob inspired straw bag at Target for $21.99.  Cute but concerned that it may be too large. I will keep it and use it as a beach bag.  Check it out.  Also, check out the Limited, they have nice designer inspired bags, although they run about $50.

  5. Susan Rao says

    For great casual cotton embroidered bags, check out pearlmahal.com They have some really cute unique bags, and the prices are very low.

  6. coco says

    I am so not down with straw, I feel like it always looks cheap, and not to mention they never wear well.

  7. Jay says

    A friend of mine bought me an adorable navy blue straw purse from Thailand – I have yet to use it but this gives me great ideas for it! Thanks.

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