How To Keep Your Skin Moisturized This Summer

We’re not going to bother telling you to stay out of the sun this summer; we’re not even going to do that. But if you’re going to expose your skin to the sun’s rays and the summer heat, you need to protect it. Keeping the moisture in your skin will keep it young and gorgeous, so while you’re outdoors this summer, keep these things in mind.

1. Sunscreen
It’s a no-brainer: You need sunscreen. Yes, a summer glow is sexy and slimming, but it’s so not worth it if you damage your skin. And if you get sunburned, you’re really in trouble. Yes, a tan looks good, but a sunburn doesn’t, and silky, smooth skin of whatever tone is way sexier than cracked lobster skin.

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2. Lotion
Apply lotion right when you get out of the bath or shower, when your skin absorbs lotion best. Hot water doesn’t just kill germs, it also takes moisture from your skin. Replenish your supply with an SPF lotion once or twice daily. Great ingredients to look for in a lotion include avocado extract, chamomile and aloe, and the thicker the cream, the better.

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3. Hydrate
Want to get water to your skin (and everywhere else)? Drink it up! Liquids will keep your skin glowing no matter the season, but you need more than usual when you’re out in the sun. Don’t leave home without a water bottle in hand, and when you’re spending the day outside, make sure you stock up.

4. Be Gentle
Make sure that the facial and body cleansers you’re using aren’t too harsh. Yes, they clean well, but they irritate and dry out your skin. Also limit bath time as hot water reduces oils in your skin, and gently pat yourself dry with a towel so that moisture stays in your skin.

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5. Fight sweat
It’s hot, so you’re going to sweat. But when you do so, you typically feel gross and, thus, want to spend more time and effort cleansing, which we’ve already mentioned is bad news for your skin. Sweat also leads to breakouts, which are healed by blemish treatments, which dry out your skin. See how sweat leads to bad skin habits? Nip harsh skin care at the beginning and don’t let sweat get the best of you. Wear breathable fabrics like cotton, and when you get a chance, remove sweaty clothes as soon as you can.
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