Picking a Picnic-Ready Outfit


Head-Turning Style
There’s something about summer picnics that just begs for hats—floppy ones in particular. We’re all about sipping some lemonade from underneath beautiful straw brims. Wearing them is a fun, flirty and sophisticated statement that also keeps the sun out of your eyes (and lots of eyes on picnic-pretty you).

Plus, macaroni salad eaters everywhere will thank you (you’ll see what we mean in the next picnic suggestion).

Keep that Macaroni Salad Strand-Free
Paper plate? Check.

Macaroni salad? Yup.

Hair in the macaroni? Nasty.

We know, we know. Sometimes things just happen. But avoid embarrassing (and gross) macaroni “extras” by keeping your hair back in a pretty, trendy way.

Try a high pony tied with a silk scarf, rock a side braid or cover it all with a bold scarf. For serious hair control, you might even consider one of those translucent, goes-with-anything plastic dog cones (kidding! Point is, do the best you can to keep the food—and your hair—looking pretty).

Don’t Let Your Picnic Turn into a Big Flop
Summer picnics are the perfect time to wear awesome sandals and show off your pedi to the masses. But for a moment, let’s put to-die-for toenail colors aside and consider what’s stylish and sensible.

Flops are great for low-key poolside barbeques. Not so much for backyard volleyball. (Unless A. If you have a serious “sandals be damned!” competitive streak and B. you don’t mind possibly ending the day in a cast). Wear what works, not just what looks good (hard sometimes, we know). This season, the sneaker styles are fashionably comfortable, allowing you to do what’s right for your footsies while still having fun!

Be Ready for Anything
Sometimes, a random stranger gets a little too ambitious with the ketchup squeeze bottle. And sometimes, you’re standing next to Hyper Random Stranger. You see where this is going.

It never hurts to bring a pretty tote filled with some picnic extras for all those “just in case” moments: another sheer tunic for the ketchup incident or back up flops for the teething puppy/sandal mishap (yeah, we cringe at that one too). Be ready no matter what and look terrific every step of the way!

Dressing for a summer picnic is all about wisely choosing styles that are sensible, comfortable and of course, stunning on you. Dig in!

Have any summer picnic styles you want to share with us? Tell us below; we’d love to hear from you.

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