In Tune with Style: 5 Trendy Maternity Tunics Under $50

When it comes to maternity clothes, we often advise budget-conscious moms to put off buying them as long as there are plus size styles that can still accommodate them comfortably. After all, maternity clothes are worn for only several months at best, can be a little pricey, and tend to be closet clutter in a few months’ time. However, we have to make an exception for these chic maternity tunics we found on sale at Old Navy.

Maternity tunics are a great investment for expectant moms, as they can be worn at nearly all stages of pregnancy, and even during the first few months after giving birth. They’re comfy, airy, and trendy–perfect for beating the summer heat. Plus, we are just smitten by the varying vibrant shades of blue in our picks, which work really well for summertime style. Click through our slideshow to see our under $50 stash.

Old Navy‘s own humble salute to amazing mothers everywhere continues beyond May 12th by offering 20% off on any women’s, women’s plus or maternity purchase (except Jeans, which has its own awesome sale offer, BTW). Simply use the promo code ONLADIES20 anytime until tonight at 11:59 ET. What’s more, you can get free shipping if you spend $50 or more!

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