Summer Fashion Trend: Fluid Silouettes

Oh, it seems the summer fashion gods have smiled upon us, fellow stylistas, granting us a summer silouette that we can actually pull off. All of us. After a few months of body-conscious fashion, we are soooo ready for letting loose a little—and we do mean our Spanx. ‘Cause this season the fluid silouette is it—soft, feminine, pretty.

The danger? Overdoing it and ending up wearing a voluminous maxi dress that’s, well, wearing you. Instead, keep it in scale, flowing but not overflowing, meaning that the lines of the garment still show the shape of your body, just not every nook and cranny. And it’s not just dresses, either—a fluid satin top over a pair of jeans or cocktail shorts are great ways to take advantage of this softer look while maintaining some body-consciousness, too.

Some pieces to consider, for less: