Summer 2014: How to Wear the Crop Top Trend


Shopping last weekend was eye-opening. I know summer is fast approaching (or here already) so it was no surprise that the hot-weather attire was out in full force. As expected, there were shorts. Tanks. skirts, Maxi-dresses.

And…crop tops?

It’s not like I was in a store for teens, either. Many stores for women had crop tops on display, so I figured it’s a thing. Really? Crop tops? Yes! Luckily, this summer they arent belly-busters. But they are cropped. Here’s how to wear them.

How to Wear Summer 2014’s Crop Top Trend

Rule 1: It doesn’t have to bare skin. Thankfully! Sure, your crop top can lift a little, but this summer they’re just long enough to hit your pant/skirt/short waist band. It won’t cover it, but at least it won’t be over your belly button. Try this bright, solid color for $8.80 from Forever 21.

Rule 2. Try long-sleeve. Surprising, especially since it’s summer, but this style will help you feel a bit more covered than the usual tank or t. Love this pattern for $8.80 from Forever 21.

Rule 3. It doesn’t have to be fitted. Some of the cutest crop tops right now are boxy. Check this one out (plus the sweet Guns & Roses graphic). Forever 21 for $17.80

Rule 4. It can *almost* be a regular top. Love this one from Forever 21 for $9.80. It’s great because the high neck and fitted style make it look great.

So, next time you see a cute top, don’t fear – there’s sure to be one you’ll love to wear.

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  1. says

    Under Rule 1: “It doesn’t have to bear skin.” Uh, growl. I hope you meant “bare” skin. I don’t want to bear it either. I’ve got the abs for it but this trend isn’t one I will be following. It is a big no-no for any professional setting I can think of, and not really anything I’d be comfortable in “off hours.” Hope it passes quickly.

  2. Accademia di Moda says

    We can’t wait to rock our cropped rashguard this Summer! It’s a great way to incorporate this style!

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