Summer 2006 End of Season Sales: What to Buy

Here’s what you should buy at the end of the season sales in prep for not only fall 2006, but next spring/summer.

For Fall/Winter 2006
Mood: urban, New York, streetwear
- Jersey Knit Dresses to layer with t-shirts, turtlenecks, leggings/stockings, etc.
- Walking shorts in darker colors, glen plaid print, etc
- Victorian Lace Tops in black or white
- White Tanks to layer underneath knit sweaters
- Ballerina flats
- Dark wash jeans

Don’t buy: Gauchos, Bright colors, full skirts

For Spring/Summer 2007
Mood: Think about a ballerina- movement, grace, shape
- Dresses, lots of dresses. Especially chiffon like dresses with lots of movement. Jersey Knits will not be as popular next Spring/Summer as they were in 2006.
- Tailored pieces (NOT WALKING SHORTS, they won’t be nearly as popular next year)- think pencil skirts, crisp cropped jackets,
- Wide Black belts
- Dancewear inspired pieces- like the leggings, off the shoulder tops, etc
- Ballerina flats
- Muted Colors, even some pastels.

Don’t buy: Bright colors, capri pants, bubble gum necklaces