Product Review: Sulfate Free Shampoos

What: A review of the best sulfate-free shampoos for all hair types

The Lowdown: Learning about the ingredients in products we buy really empowers us to spend our money on things we will love. Countless products contain ingredients that are just plain bad or render the product useless for what it proposes to do.

A big example of that is the use of sulfates (sodium lauryl and laureth sulfate) in shampoos. This ingredient causes the shampoo to foam up, which we love, but it can also do the following:

1. Irritates the scalp

2. Dries out your hair and strips the color and shine

3. Causes your ends to split and the hair shaft and follicle to unsmooth

4. Instigates hair loss

Many companies are offering sulfate-free shampoos that clean your hair without all the harmful effects of sulfates. Three standouts on the shelves:

Best Sulfate-free Shampoos

[imagebrowser id=353]

Yea or Nay: It’s a yea to give up your addiction to foaming shampoos and trust that less foam means your hair is being cleaned the right way.

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