Celebrate Spring with Subtle Scents

Yay!  Time to trade our winter body lotions for scents that scream “Spring is here!”  Not that we don’t like our vanilla smells and all, but subtle scents are just the thing we need for spring.

I don’t know about you, but my winter was filled with mild temps one day, then polar vortex craziness the next.  I’m done smelling like a cinnamon bun.  The change in season is a welcome breath of fresh air . . . and that’s just how I want to smell.  I’m ready to celebrate spring with subtle scents that remind me of breezy days and warm nights.  Ahhh.

Celebrate the Season with these Great Spring Scents

We eyed up lotions and sprays that not only smell amazing, but have appealing names to match.  Endless sunset?  Violet lily sky?  Yeah, I can go for that.

Happy spring!

What scents are you going to try as you celebrate spring?

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