7 Stylish Brands To Follow on Twitter Vine

It seems like only yesterday when Instagram and Pinterest were the new kids on the social block, but in our bizarre digital world where “likes” and retweets translate into IRL (a.k.a.  in real life) relevancy, it was only a matter of time before the next big thing came along. Maybe it’s now.

Our Favorite Fashion Brands on Twitter Vine

Say hello to Twitter’s new baby, Vine, a new app that allows you to create 6-second videos.  Imagine if Twitter had a one-night stand with Instagram.  Actually, scratch that.  It’s more like a threesome among Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.  Currently, Vine is only available through iPhones and iPod touches (and who still owns those?), but we’re sure that Twitter’s developer minions are developing away to make the app accessible to different mobile devices and tablets.

As usual, brands (and yes, we’re grouping fashion bloggers in with traditional brands because blogging has become a deviation of old school branding) have been quick to jump on this new social network.  Keep in mind that Vine is still in its early incubation stage, and it’s quite elementary in what it can do.  Only time will tell if Vine will go down in social history as the next Instagram or the next Myspace, but for the time being, we’ve rounded up stylish brands using Vine.

NeimanMarcus: For those of us who aren’t in the front rows at New York Fashion Week, Neiman’s been capturing footage on Vine.

marcjacobsintl: They create great content, and a dog in the office? #bestofficeever

PurseBlog: Girlfriend loves bags (as evidenced by her social alias), and you can never go wrong with a gal who loves bags.

eatsleepwear: This four-eyed fashion blogger has over a million followers on Pinterest, so naturally, she’s an early adopter on Vine.

ABeautifulMess: We love 6 second glimpses into these crafty sisters’ lives, which includes a Nirvana-listening pug and fun little dances.

Lucky Magazine: It’s no secret we love Lucky Magazine for being ahead of the curve, and their Vine is no exception. Great behind-the-scenes shots of what happens in the world of Lucky.

Keiko Lynn: A familiar face in the fashion blogging world, Keiko’s on Vine, and yes, her cute boyfriend and even cuter dogs make guest appearances on her Vine.

Did we miss anyone on Vine? Let us know in the comments section!

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