Styli-Style L3 Lip Stain in Darling: Product Review

What: After searching high and low for the perfect pink lip color, Robin tries her luck with Styli-Style L3 Lip Stain in Darling, $8.00.

The Lowdown: I have become slightly obsessed with finding just the right pink lipstick lately. I want something that is not too light, not too dark, isn’t too glossy and has some lasting power. Enter the L3 Lipstain in Darling by Styli-Style. It was the not too light, not too dark, bubble gum pink shade that first drew me to this product; however, when I popped open the cap, I thought I was holding a Sharpie and not a lip stain. The marker-like tip feels exactly as if you took your kids markers and went to town on your pout. But what I got was what I always wanted! Perfectly pink matte lips that lasted practically all day. I did shine them up a couple times throughout the day with a clear gloss. And what’s even cooler is that the tip of my clear gloss didn’t turn pink!

Yea or Nay: If you don’t mind a super matte, stay all day color, I say yea. The stains come in three other shades that I can’t wait to try.

Buy There is a two piece minimum per order, which is kind of weird, but the product is worth it.

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