Style in Pictures: The Week’s Best Dressed Celebs

<a href=””>Olivia Wilde</a> and <strong>Diane Kruger</strong> looked so fabulous this week, they actually made our list twice, but we’d expect nothing less from such seasoned style stars, especially during <strong>Haute Couture Fashion Week</strong>.

Also making the list are hot mamas <strong>Jessica Alba</strong>, <strong>Demi Moore</strong> and <a href=””>Reese Witherspoon</a>, proving that you don’t have to be single, childless, under 30 or even an attendee at fashion week to look fabulous. These ladies bring the brilliance where ever they go, and so can you. Make this your fashion week and don’t be afraid to work it. These pictures should be all the motivation you need.

<h2>This Week’s Best Dressed Celebrities</h2>

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