Style Icons for Men: See Jack Shop

Check out some potential style icons for the men in your life via See Jack Shop!

Janko Tipsarevic . This tennis pro’s style makes him ten times more appealing in our eyes (his smile doesn’t hurt either). He pairs a linen shirt with cotton shorts. It’s a look reminiscent of, well, pajamas, but worn with leather sandals and a lot of confidence, it’s easily pulled off. It’s light and keeps him cool, too.

Barack Obama. No matter your political affiliation—you can’t deny that Senator Obama dresses well. He’s always sharp in suits, khakis, and button down shirts. The high fashion world agrees—Donatella Versace dedicated her ‘09 collection in Milan to him. His wife, Michelle, is very stylish as well.

Ed Westwick as Chuck on Gossip Girl. If you like the hyper-prep look on guys, why don’t you suggest Chuck’s plaid vests and khakis to a guy in your life? Make sure they’d be able to pull it off. If they’re suave enough, they could do it.

Who is your favorite men’s fashion icon? How do you wish the men in your life dressed?

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