Street Fashion 101: Basic Black Done Right

The Budget Fashionista and Streetpeeper continue our mission to bring you style secrets from trendy women on the street, from around the world.

The Look: In Paris, basic black punctuated with color—black tights, skirt, jacket, with a purple Keffiyeh scarf and purple flats.

For the Style File: Confession—I’ve never been to Paris. Having said that, this outfit is exactly the image I conjure up when I picture the City of Lights—sleek black, quirky accessories on a girl who looks gorgeous just standing there. There’s a simple lesson here—basic black is always a do, especially, as some of our readers have pointed out, when you live in the city and, with riding the train, bus, etc., things tend to get grungy fast. Basic black, however, doesn’t have to be boring—we love the tights, and the burst of color right up by the face, bringing all the attention where it belongs—on you.