Street Fashion 101: Color and Shine

The Budget Fashionista and try to learn a thing or two from stylish women on the street.

The Look: Designer pretty much from head to toe (Marc Jacobs, natch), in New York City.

For the Style File: With the holidays approaching, we thought it might be appropriate to focus on a little festive dressing. There’s no doubt about it—this look is shiny, bright and bold. We like, however, that she’s managed to keep it pulled together—the dress, being primarily black (though it looks grey here), is balanced nicely by the colored tights—which remains one of our favorite trends of the season. And with a dress and stockings that make such a statement, she’s wisely chosen accessories (basic black pumps, a simple geometric bangle bracelet) that compliment, not compete. We’re also loving her mod/pixie haircut, which makes wearing bold clothing even that much easier.

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  1. Stella says

    Oh my god, I am DROOLING at that dress, especially becuase Marc Jacobs in general makes me drool. She has a great haircut too…I wonder if I could pull it off?

  2. cathy says

    Guess I’m not down with the times.  Reminds me so much of the 80s—the short pixie hair cut, the hot pink tights.  It does work for her because she looks very young.  The younger set seems to love this stuff.  Oh well.  Viva.

  3. Mojo says

    I like the bottom of that dress, but I’m not feeling the top part so much. I sort of feel that the dress makes her look too boxy, not really right for her body.

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