Sleek, Straight, Shiny Hair: Beauty Trend 2008

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What: Getting one thing perfectly straight—your hair.

What the experts say: Elle Girl’s Beauty and Fashion Director Emily Dougherty says staying on the straight and narrow path is popular once again. “American socialites love the long, straight, sleek hair look. If you look at the runways where the designers are dressing these women, the models have this hair, too.”

What we say: This sounds like a recycled trend, but really, what trend isn’t? Long, sleek straight locks are beautiful, especially when the hair is shiny and bouncy. That stick-straight, stuck to your skull hair look is so 2003. The tresses Dougherty is talking about have lots of motion and shine. Just how can you achieve this look, you ask? First, pick a product that says “smoothing” and “straightening.” They help to smooth the cuticle while blow-drying and create shine. Work the product into your hands thoroughly and then distribute onto your hair, starting along the bottom. Next, section hair with clips to help organize your blow-dry. All your hair must be dried evenly or it won’t have that sleek look. The thicker and curlier your hair, the smaller the section you should straighten at once. Grab your round brush, and using the nozzle of your dryer, direct the heat straight down the hair shaft. Once each section of hair is straightened, quickly blast it with a shot of cool air from the dryer; this will lock the cuticle in place and prevent frizzing and/or curling. If needed, a straightening iron can finish off the look nicely, but remember to be careful—all of these methods can take a toll on the health of your hair. And no matter how straight it is, overworked hair just ain’t pretty.

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