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I’m calling it now: winter is finally over. (Technically, it’s been spring for a little while now, but clearly the weather had other plans.) And even as a bona-fide lover of cold temps, I’m seriously happy to see it go. So happy that I did one of my semi-annual apartment cleanings to prepare for the fairer weather: My heavy navy shirts were replaced by lighter navy one and all coats got the boot… along with my boots.

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Winter Accessories

And don't forget about gloves, hats and scarves. What kind of person would you be if you left them behind or in some random bin in your coat closet? Like your knits, it's best to keep these in a sealed bag somewhere. Pay special attention to materials—you'll want to treat the finer things with a little more care.

I won’t be reaching for the cashmere, wool, or fur for some time, but when winter returns I’ll want them to be in ship-shape. Follow these tips to ensure your favorite pieces will be perfectly stored and ready for wear come the next cold snap.

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