Perhaps your mom is a dentist, and you appreciate dental floss and mini-mouthwashes with fluoride. Or perhaps your mom isn’t a dentist, and you appreciate drugstore brand candy that looks Christmas-y but tastes eerily familiar to cough medicine.

We get it. Stocking stuffers = conceptually cute, but usually sucky in reality. We’re changing that this holiday season, so get excited for the goodies: small enough to fit inside those oversized socks, but not completely useless. Here’s the lowdown on what to get who.

Stuff Socks with these Awesome Gift Ideas

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Nephew who just started college:

Men's College Team Tees, $12.50 from Old Navy
Screw the college bookstore that charges 10 bucks for a pen and a ridiculously absorbent amount for a made-in-China tee. Nab a college tee for 12.50 at Old Navy.