Stella McCartney for H&M

About three weeks ago, I reported on grumblings that Stella McCartney was to design a collection for H&M. Well it’s now official, Stella McCartney is coming to select H&M stores across Europe and North America (which pretty much means New York) in November 2005.

McCartney, whose dad is former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, is the second big name designer to debut a one-time collection for the home of high/low dressing, H&M. The line, creatively titled “Stella McCartney for H&M, follows the success of Chanel head, Karl Lagerfeld’s Fall ‘04 H&M collection. Lagerfeld, a.k.a “the incredible shrinking designer”, caused a bite of a row when he expressed disgust at the store for selling his designs to people he considered fat (size 10 and above).

Lagerfeld’s venom isn’t only directed at “normal” people, but at other designers as well—Karl didn’t think too highly of the design house Chloe appointing McCartney to succeed him as its head. He then had to eat much crow (low-fat of course) when her subsequent collections was a big smash. Hopefully, Stella will be a little more forgiving of those of us who are larger than a size 8. 

P.S. Is anyone else addicted to the British tabloid magazines Hello?

Image from the Sydney Morning Herald

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