Stella McCartney’s Limited Edition Glastonbury Music Festival T-Shirt, $50 at


What: Stella McCartney, Sir Paul’s daughter and the most fashionable vegan alive, has designed a limited edition t-shirt, sold online at, for the iconic Glastonbury Music Festival, with the proceeds going to Oxfam, the international charity with the goal of ending poverty worldwide.”

What the fashion heads say: From Dedicated to the Glastonbury, the T-shirt is heavily rooted in Stella’s musical upbringing. “Glastonbury is one of most iconic music festivals in the world and it never fails to be brilliant,” reflects McCartney. “The T-shirt is inspired by all the airbrushing my mum and dad used to get made in the 70’s”.

What I say: $50 bucks is a lot to pay for a t-shirt.  A LOT. However, ending global poverty is a pretty admirable goal. So here’s what you do.. if you love the t-shirt (and for $50 you really need to LOVE this shirt), then go ahead and buy it online at, knowing that you’re consumerism is helping a great cause. If not, donate directly to Oxfam.

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