Stella McCartney for H&M hits stores on November 10th

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Break out the claws and the vaseline….

Stella McCartney’s much anticipated collection for H&M hits 400 stores on November 10th.

Stella McCartney for H&M

According to the store’s website, the collection will include “a mix of daywear, tailored classics, evening wear, lingerie and accessories” with “narrow denim jeans with sharp details and ankle zip, the oversized slouchy sweater, the feminine silk embellished cami tops, the quirky print cotton t-shirts, the razor sharp tailored suit, the gem colored evening dresses, the relaxed belted mac will all now be available to the H&M customer.”

Stella McCartney is hands down one of my favorite designers. Her collections effortlessly mix feminine details with urban cool. Finally, I can afford one of her pieces.

On another related note . . . H&M dumped Kate Moss as the line’s cover girl for admitting to using cocaine. Okay here’s a little bit of information, that very few people in the fashion and entertainment industry will openly admit—several models, actresses, yes, magazine editors use cocaine and other drugs in a effort to stay thin. I’m not saying that this was the case with Kate Moss. However, it’s, excuse the pun, the white elephant in the fashion showroom.

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  1. jennie2 says

    Okay…. a bit biting but very true. I’m a celebrity stylist for some pretty big names and most celebs are cool, hard working, people like you and me, except with a AMEX blackcard. However some do use cocaine to stay thin because the pressure to be a size 0 is overwhelming..

  2. Tashana says

    As big a city as Atlanta is, why are there no H&M’s here? There is an H&M in a little mall in Baltimore,MD but there’s no H&M at all in Atlanta,GA. I can’t believe it. We have no H&M’s and no sample sales. It’s sooo depressing.

  3. Tito says

    We definately need an H&M in Atlanta.  I was in New York over the weekend and I know that I saw atleast 4 in Manhattan. 2 of them were within a block of one another.  You’d think Atlanta could have one.

  4. kyra says

    I moved to Atlanta from North New Jersey and we had quite a few H&M stores and outlet and that is my favorite store and i was surprised to move to atlanta and find out there was no H&M. Atlanta definetly needs an H&M.

  5. Kelsey says

    Hey guys, i just heard there IS an H&M coming to Atlanta! woo hoo!!  it’s going into Atlantic Station, so get ready!

  6. shoppingdiva says

    There is no H&M in Charlotte, NC – when are we getting one?  Charlotte is running neck-and- neck with Atlanta as far a disposable income is concerned.  We now have Neimans, Nordstroms, Macys, Saks, so where in the world is H&M????  Come on now.  There is a friggin H&M on every city block in New York and CA – where is our store?  H&M expansion strategy is sooo crazy!

  7. Lauren says

    Hello, my name is lauren and i have been atlanta for over a year. Im originally from Chicago and also new york so there has always been an H&M around. I cannot express to you enough how much time and money i have spent at H&M. I wear it everyday and when i go back home im there 4-5 hours at a time and basically take everything they have and bring it back to atlanta. I know people from atlanta would love love love having an H&M nearby. H&M would benefit i would benefit everyone would happy. Its time to have an H&M in atlanta.

  8. Lonzetta J says

    I speak for all my college ladies from charlotte that attend college , say’s we are in a dying need for H&M store in charlotte N.C Please.

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