Stein Marts New Ad Campagin: Stating the Obvious

What: Stein Mart’s been struggling and like Old Navy, it’s revamping its ad campaign in an attempt to overcome the brutal retail climate. The new strategy? Get customers to talk about how crappy the economy is and how Stein Mart makes it all better.

What They Say:


“The company used the Orlando-based advertising firm Fry Hammond Barr to create the spontaneous interview spots. The same firm created a similar campaign that ran from 2003 to 2007.”

What We Say: While Kayne West is marketing $800+ shoes, Stein Mart’s getting real with customers and offering up its cheap, cheap clothes as a solution to their financial problems. While we think this is a smart move for Stein Mart, we wonder how convincing ads like these will really be in the long run. It’s all that anyone talks about anymore, so we’re starting to become desensitized from it.

Are we forgetting about the quality of clothes and only concerned with their price tags? Not to call out Stein Mart alone, but but we do wonder what direction we’re going in as consumers and if it’ll really end up benefiting us in the end.

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