Staying Pretty in an Ugly Economy

– Shoppers in Los Angeles, St. Louis, and other parts of the US can look forward to huge clearance sales at Macy’s; reports that the retail giant is about to shut down its most anemic stores, eleven in all. Macy’s is the most recent casualty of the wobbly economy, which even has the fashion industry on edge. According to Hadley Freeman of, upscale boutiques are cutting costs by trading in their fashionable shopping bags for plain paper bags.

– The celebs aren’t immune to the bad news either, it seems, dressing down for the “People’s Choice Awards” last night. Our favorite fuggers had a few snarky things to say about that.


– But cheer up! As we’ve come to learn, economic woes are coupled with cheap clothes! “Designer Ella” helps us get the New Year off to a fashion-forward start with a handful of killer sales at retailers ranging from Saks 5th Avenue to And if you can’t buy it, charge it in style with a Roberto Cavalli credit card!

– In these cold economic times, we’re all looking for a little warmth. Thankfully, the Budget Babe has bundled up some great tips on how to bundle up this winter.

– And remember, today’s your last day to take an extra 20% off clearance items at!

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  1. Budget Babe says


    it’s weird, i’ll support macy’s on the east coast, but i refuse to step foot in one back in chicago. ever since they bought out marshall field’s and ruined this historic landmark, i discovered i can hold a grudge for quite a long time…

  2. LauraLA10 says


    I was just at one of the Macy’s sales and it was awesome. The store in Santa Monica is closing and they’re practically giving everything away.

    Another way that I’ve been able to save is on which is Kim Kardashian’s new shoe site. I’ve gotten some really cute shoes on there. also has some cool deals but it’s usually higher end stuff.

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