States to Offer More Sales Tax Holidays

What: More states are offering Sales Tax Holidays, periods of time in which the state doesn’t charge sale tax on select items, according to

From SmartMoney: In a bid to spur consumer spending, 17 states are offering sales tax holidays this summer and fall. Consumers shopping during those days can stretch their budgets for back-to-school staples such as clothing, computers and books, and in a few states, bigger purchases of Energy Star products or hunting equipment, too.


Our Two Cents: We like the thought of sales tax holidays, especially during this shopping focused time of year. However, the savings are relatively small (3-10% depending on your state), so don’t go crazy with the credit card. Remember to use the cost per wear and these general budget shopping tips.

Go here for a list of Sales Tax holidays in your state

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  1. Shones says

    Yes, the discount is small, but if you have to stock up on some items anyway and you have the cash on hand to do it, it’s worth it. Our state held a tax holiday this weekend, and I replenished the foundational items in my wardrobe — undergarments, sensible shoes for work, etc.

  2. Sarah says

    Of course my state has no state sales tax holiday. Nice. We have the highest sales tax in the country, the fourth highest unemployment rate, the worst traffic of any city in the U.S. in Los Angeles (yes we beat out New York). I did grow up here and do not want to leave my friends and family. But what are we paying all these taxes for with this mess we are in? That deregulation thing we did for awhile with the electricity or our high incarceration rates? I know a lot of us would like to know.

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