Attention Fashionistas: This is How You Start Your Own Fashion Trend

Be an Inspiration-Seeker: As much as you want to be the source of inspiration, sometimes it’s important to look at others in order to find it yourself. No, we’re not advocating ripping off someone’s cool look, but instead, immersing yourself in every way possible to get that next outstanding idea.

Oprah Winfrey

Check out like-minded fashion blogs and Web sites (ahem, like the one you’re on now). Scour magazines—even ones you typically don’t. People-watch. TV-watch.

Take pictures of things throughout the day that catch your eye, be it a hot-pink car, bronze door knocker or stained placemat. Look at it later and let your imagination go. That bowl of cashews you snapped earlier? Perhaps something about its crescent shape will alter the way you fold, tuck or sew something. Point is, you never how one random thought can trigger another and keep that stylin’ mind of yours going.

Through all of this, be patient. Your look may not be on the cover of Vogue (yet) or that awesome pic of you in your cashew-inspired drop earrings may only get five likes from all 207 of your (hungry) friends, but don’t let it get you down. People are well aware of your style. Just because they don’t confirm it with a like, tweet, skreep or bleep doesn’t mean you’ve gone unnoticed. Keep being your lovely, trend-setting self, be persistent and always, always stay true to your fashion inclinations.

Question: Have you tried starting your own fashion trend? What experiences have you had? We’d love to know how you’re doing!

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