Starbury Line at Steve & Barry’s

My nephew’s birthday is today and I’ve been at a lost for what to buy him. He’s a BIG sports fan and loves to play any game involving a ball and running ( and I try to be as supportive as possible because I would like to have box seats when he becomes a sports star). It’s so hard to shop for sports fans because most sports related items are crazy expensive.  I love my nephew dearly, but there’s not enough love in this world to get me to pay $200 for a pair of sneakers for a little kid or $70 for a jersey he’ll out grow next week.

So what’s an adoring Aunt to do?

Buy him a pair of Starbury sneakers.

The Starbury Line, a line of low priced sneakers by basketball star Stephon Marbury, is the perfect mixture of cool and affordability for those of us who love our little sport stars, but don’t want to pay several hundred dollars for a pair of Lebron James Nike kicks. These are “bobos” (aka low priced shoes) they’ll actually want to wear.  The shoes, sold exclusively at Steve & Barry’s, “borrow” style elements from popular sneaker lines like Reebok and Nike, but sell for $14.95 or less. The line also features jerseys, t-shirts, and even varsity jackets all for under $10.

I’ll spring for the $200 sneakers when he signs his first endorsement deal.