Spruceling.com is a Brilliantly Simple Site for Buying & Selling Your Kids’ Outgrown Clothing

What: Whether you call it second-hand or a hand-me-down, this is the last time that you’ll even begin to consider calling your kids’ outgrown clothes a waste.  Thanks to Spruceling, you can now buy and sell “gently used” kids clothes online nationwide.

Spruceling Site Review

The Lowdown: There are two things that we can count on in this country- kids grow fast, and fashion always changes.  Hence, the brilliant transaction we call consignment – typically, a store where you can buy and sell outgrown/disenchanted clothing and receive either store credit or cash. Most stores take a hefty percent of the sale value as commission (Spruceling quotes you typically only get 30%).  And then there is Spruceling. Spruceling is an online consignment store focused on kids, which I think is fantastic considering the pace at which kids jump the sizing chart.  Even better, Spruceling is online so you can buy and sell nationwide from the comfort of home.  Additionally, Spruceling gives you a generous 60% of the commission, which is about twice what you would receive in-person.

I love that Spruceling keeps it simple.  You start like you would any online store – create an account, then browse by gender and size.  With free shipping and a 30-day full-refund policy, even if you buy a mistake you won’t feel the impact.  Selling is equally as easy: create an account, start a “box” (you list gender and size of the items you want to sell), upload an image, tag the brand, choose an asking price, and voila.  Shipping purchased items is also no-fuss: Spruceling will send you a box so you can deliver purchased items to the recipient at no cost.

The Bottom Line: Spruceling is great, can there please be a spin-off for adults?

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